Laufen tyres

 Hankook Tire launches "Laufenn" in Europe: New tire brand
    Creating a new brand tires Laufenn aims to provide the greatest customer satisfaction with a range of products for different lifestyles and different needs. Developed specifically for the European market, Laufenn tires are designed and manufactured in the most modern plant of Hankook Hungary. Summer tire models of the brand Laufenn will be available for purchase in Europe since the spring of 2016. The brand Laufenn offers a wide range of quality products that meet different driving conditions, and are designed for consumers looking for value, quality and style. The tires of the new brand Laufenn developed in European Technical Centre of Hankook (ETC) in Hanover. The range of tires with other tires Hancock will be produced in high-tech manufacturing plant of the company in Hungary, which is one of the most modern in the world, which specializes in the production of tires for passenger cars, SUV and LT high-end of Hankook, intended for the European market. Laufenn tire will initially be available in five product lines: S FIT EQ (summer tires for cars, in sizes from 15 to 19 inches), G FIT EQ (summer tires for cars in the touring segment in sizes 13-17 inches) , X FIT VAN (Summer tires segment SUV / Van automobiles in size 14-16 inches), FIT (winter tires without studs for cars and SUV vehicles for western and central European markets in sizes from 13 to 18 inches) i FIT ICE (winter studded tires for cars and SUV cars for Scandinavia and Russia in sizes from 13 to 18 inches).
Brand Laufenn
     Launched in 2015. the European market, Laufenn has created a new brand tires in search of simplicity, dedicated to providing reliable performance and fun of driving. Focusing mainly on the essential functionality of the tires, Laufenn offers its customers a full range of practical products that correspond to the different needs and lifestyles, including radial tires for passenger cars, vans and light trucks for summer and winter conditions. As a new brand of Hankook Tire, Laufenn delivers reliable quality and service of development and production, as well as targeted customer service, provides comprehensive warranty under the leadership of a large corporation.