Why you put snow tires

Why put winter tires?

Winter tires? - "In my region almost never snows," "I only drive short distances, mostly in the city." Clearly, ask yourself at this point whether the investment of several lev kit winter tires worth it.
When you ask these questions you need to know that the rubber of the "summer" tires harden at low positive temperature on the road surface, which can significantly reduce tire grip the road. Winter tires have special additives in its rubber compounds that allow the tire to remain soft and have a special tread profile that allows the tire to cope much better in snow and ice - that when the weather conditions are cold, a little above, around and below zero, they are usually winter conditions in Bulgaria. One thing is for sure: shorter stopping distance achieved thanks to winter tires can provide you with saving money if you manage to avoid contact of the front bumper of a moving car in front of you, not to mention the more serious accidents or human life.

Is it time to replace your winter tires with new ones?

Even if you have winter tires the best tire is useless if it is "bald" - ie if there is not enough deep tread. Especially in deep on mud and snow profile is necessary because only then has the proper tire grip. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm for winter tires. Yet experts ADAC recommended for security reasons tread depth of winter tires is at least four mm. The age of the tire also has a significant influence on the behavior of winter tire. Within six years of use of winter tires rubber mixture has hardened so that "grip" the road decreases at low temperatures..

How winter tires to mount?

Who mounted winter tires should do this on all four wheels. With different tires, the car may have skidded at moderately heavy braking. From winter to winter, you should replace the tire axle to ensure even wear.