Apollo Hawkz A/T

The Apollo Hawkz A/T (All Terrain) is designed to deliver outstanding
performance on- and off-road for a wide range of SUVs and double cabs.
It’s the ideal tyre for southern African recreational or working conditions,
where long distances are travelled on tar before the tyre goes off-road.

Key benefits:

  • CAD simulated 3-pitch design and optimised pitch sequence ensures a quieter drive
  • Unique step tapered groove profile on inner tread block for efficient stone ejection and improved thread live
  • 4 wide centre grooves aid water evacuation to maximise wet weather performance
  • Tension optimised nylon overhead and 2-ply carcass for optimal footprint and added impact resistance
  • Continuous centre-rib reduces rolling resistance, ensuring precise steering and high speed stability
  • Wear-resistant thread design for longer tread life and enhanced mileage
  • Heat-resistant compound reduces rolling resistance, preserving casing integrity boosting mileage
  • Reinforced beads for direct steering response
  • Sipe design provides additional traction on slippery surfaces

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