185/70R14 88T Brillantis 2

Ширина на гумата: 185
Височина на гумата: 70
Диаметър на джантата: 14
Товарен индекс: 88
Скоростен индекс: T
Камерна/Безкамерна: Безкамерна гума
RunOnFlat технология: Не
Сезонност на гумата:
Произведено от:Barum
Горивна ефективност:
Сцепление на мокро:
70 dB
Срок за доставка: Неизвестен

Brillantis 2 from Barum

     New safe and economical tyre for compact cars now available
     The Brillantis 2 is the new tyre put on the market 2010 for small and compact cars from budget brand Barum. In this context the engineers at Barum were the first to use the asymmetrical tread pattern concept - where the right and left side of the tyre differ in their layout - on a tyre destined for compact cars. As a result, they were able to reduce braking distances by up to 3%, as well as enhancing characteristics in the wet. Driving comfort also benefited from the new design. Making the tyre's ground contact patch even more uniform in its structure has improved mileage performance by over 10%, compared with the tyre's predecessor. The new Brillantis 2 is now available from tyre dealers in 13" to 15" sizes, approved for speeds of up to 210 km/h (131 mph).

Key benefits:

  • High mileage performance
  • Greater safety
  • Increased aquaplaning safety
  • Short braking distances

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