225/60R16 POLARIS 2 XL

Tire width: 225
Tire height: 60
Diameter of rim: 16
Load index: 102
Speed index: H
With/Without cameras: Without cameras
RunOnFlat technology: No
Season of tire:
Manufactured by: Barum
Delivery: Unkwown


Makes it safe to say you'll get through the winter!

So much safety at such an attractive price would be hard to beat. In addition to its technical and design merits, the outstanding price-performance ratio of the Polaris 2 enhances its appeal.


Thanks to its increased traction in snow and ice, plus the reduced risk of aquaplaning in slush and wet, the Polaris 2 ensures you always have your car perfectly under control, even during adverse weather conditions.

Mileage performance

Innovative technical details and high quality materials enable the Polaris 2 to resolve the conflict between optimum road grip and high mileage performance, thereby ensuring safety and comfort over many years.


The Polaris 2 boasts not only a new, advanced sipe system, but also a revised tyre contour, so that whilst safety is assured, comfort does not suffer.

Key benefits:

  • a larger contact patch and even pressure distribution ... for high safety level in snow and ice
  • Zigzag sipes in the tread centre and wave-shaped sipes in the shoulder ... to ensure good traction and lateral steering stability whatever the weather.
  • a rounded contour and new response silica compound ... for reliable grip on wet roads.
  • Advanced sipe design and revised contour ... for even wear.