Tire width: 175
Tire height: 65
Diameter of rim: 14
Load index: 90/88
Speed index: T
With/Without cameras: Without cameras
RunOnFlat technology: No
Season of tire:
Manufactured by: Barum
Fuel efficiency:
Wet grip:
External noise:
73 dB
Delivery: Unkwown


The Snovanis has once again exceeded the excellent mileage performance potential of its predecessor. Other improved characteristics include traction, braking behaviour and aquaplaning resistance, which makes driving on snow and ice safer and more economical.

Safety & Comfort

  • The wide circumferential and shoulder grooves increase the water and slush dispersion potential.
  • The computer-optimised tread block sequence and balanced frequency scale makes for lower noise levels and comfortable driving.
  • High longitudinal and lateral rigidity results in excellent handling stability – particularly at the traction limit on winter ground.
  • The increased number of sipes and edges improves traction and braking behaviour on snow and ice.

Durability & Economic Efficiency

  • The offset central strips interlock to increase handling stability and tyre life.
  • Optimised pressure distribution provides for uniform wear with increased mileage performance.
  • Flat contour and smooth tyre belt reduce deformation and skidding and increase the tyres’ longevity.