205/55R16 91V Turanza ER300 Ecopia MO

Tire width: 205
Tire height: 55
Diameter of rim: 16
Load index: 91
Speed index: V
With/Without cameras: Without cameras
RunOnFlat technology: No
Season of tire:
Manufactured by: Bridgestone
Fuel efficiency:
Wet grip:
External noise:
70 dB
Delivery: 14 days


Bridgestone Turanza ER300 ECOPIA

  Summer tire touring car to ensure safe driving and environmentally friendly. ECOPIA synonymous eko - compatibility and high quality, it is a practical response to the growing demand for tires and is characterized by low rolling resistance, especially now that fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions have become a key criteria for consumers when buying a new car. Touring tire Turanza ER300 are designed to combine power (typical for modern engines ) and comfort ( the segment of luxury cars) driving.

Bridgestone Turanza ER300 ECOPIA

The Turanza ER300 tires characterized by asymmetric tread design provide superior performance in terms of grip on wet asphalt work on dry roads, low vibration, quiet, quiet ride and comfort. All these features are based on the huge success of Bridgestone Turanza ER300 on the aftermarket as well as the market for incorporation orginal manufacturers of new cars. Tires Turanza ER300, in recent years have received numerous evaluations have always been very positive (see European tire tests conducted by the influential German motoring magazines ) that are certainly increased the reputation and commercial success.