Bridgestone RD 713P

Bridgestone winter tire designed for light trucks and vans for harsh winter conditions in the north. The tire is designed with the ability to put spikes / to countries where permitted by law /

Key benefits

  •      Balanced composition of the tires - a nanomaterial structure based on silicon and rubber blends in with the traditional sochetanie for Bridgestone tires nylon cords ensure the feasibility of sustainable use of tires. For its part, ensure tire longitudinal and lateral traction on snow and wet surfaces. Micro and steep tread grooves provide disposal of water, slush and snow from the contact patch. Ekspsploatatsionnite reach their maximum performance and excellent behavior and stay on it after a small range in which fuel consumption is reduced by 10%.
  •       The tread pattern of tires Bridgestone RD-713 is characterized by small blocks of irregular shape, ensure nesprekasnat road contact and excellent traction on snow, ice and wet.
  • Deep 3D plates with internal supports podobravyat tire grip on snow and ice and provide self-cleaning tread.
  • Additional metal cords and seamless steel cord osiguravyat extra stability and durability of the tire.
  • Modern aggressive tread pattern tire RD-713.

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