Summer Tyres ContiEcoContact 3

The perfect fuel efficient tyre

Designed for small and compact cars, the ContiEcoContact 3 has low rolling resistance giving reduced fuel consumption and has excellent wear properties to ensure high mileage. In addition, its asymmetrical tread design provides excellent traction on wet and dry roads and shorter braking distances.

Key benefits:

  • reduces braking distances on both wet and dry roads by up to one car's length1
  • extremely good traction, particularly when cornering on wet roads
  • high mileage and low fuel consumption
Techical details
ContiEcoContact-3-Circumferentially-ribs      Circumferentially stiff tread ribs ensures excellent braking performance as well as precise handling and directional stability.

     "Grip" edges and incisions in the outside shoulder provide for additional traction, especially in wet curves.
ContiEcoContact grip edges
ContiEcoContact grooves      The optimal arrangement of wide circumferential grooves in the middle of the tread and pronounced lateral grooves on the inside shoulder ensure very good expulsion of water. Optimum siping offers maximum grip on the wet roads and a comfortable ride.

Product Image Item Name Manufacturer W H D LI SI+ ROF Season Price
175/80R14 T88 ContiEcoContact 3

175/80R14 T88 ContiEcoContact 3

Delivery: 2 days
Continental 175 80 14 88 T --- 266.00лв.

185/65R14 T86 ContiEcoContact 3

185/65R14 T86 ContiEcoContact 3

Delivery: 2 days
Continental 185 65 14 86 T --- 106.00лв.