Summer Tyres VancoCamper

       The specialist tyre for motorhomes

       The VancoCamper is the ideal partner for your motorhome. It meets the demands of camping vehicle manufacturers, as well as campers and caravaners themselves. It complies to the special „CP“ (Camping Pneu) tyre standard. Its base van construction gives you excellent mileage potential, whilst the use of extra reinforcement enables up to 5 bar of pressure ensuring optimum vehicle stability even under heavy rear payloads. Whether on or off-road, the VancoCamper gives you peace of mind with a smooth safe drive.

Key benefits

  • Pleasure of traveling with a mobile home for the greater safety, comfort, convenience and comfort
  • Good spare tire protection from air leaks
  • Short braking distances on wet roads
  • High load capacity, increased resistance of the tire on uneven surfaces
  • Greater stability in the movement of heavy caravans
Technical details

Continental VancoCemper new tread compound

Special tread compound for improved grip on wet surfaces

Continental VancoCamper reinforced belt and carcas

Reinforced belt and carcass design for a high resistance against abrasion, overloading and exterior impacts

Continental vancocamper quality inner liner

Superior quality inner liner offering higher air tightness and durability

Continental vancocamper stif sidewall

Stiff sidewall construction for stronger transverse support for loaded rear axles

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