Tyres Cooper Discoverer A/T3

The Cooper Discoverer A/T3 is an all round 4x4 tyre.

Key benefirs of  Cooper tire Discoverer A/T

5-Rib All-Terrain Design:

The modern all-terrain design is engineered to provide outstanding performance in both on-road and off-road driving applications. The A/T3 tread pattern exploits a combination of features specifically suited to provide solid all-terrain performance, superior all-season traction, excellent stability, confident handling and reliable tread wear.

 Broken Centre Rib: 

The broken centre rib improves soft surface traction without sacrificing handling.

Dual Draft Tread Element Walls:

The dual draft angles on the tread element walls aid in reducing stone retention, stone drilling and assist in cut and chip resistance.

Lateral Groove Protectors:

Serrated steps in the lateral grooves of the intermediate tread rib reduce the chance of stone retention and stone drilling. 
Cooper; Discoverer AT3; Cooper_Discoverer_AT3_4x4 Coupled Tread Elements:
The centre and intermediate tread elements are uniquely designed in pairs affording excellent stability and confident handling.

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