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Through the Joint Venture agreements, these European development centres are linked to all other Goodyear and Sumitomo Rubber development centres around the world. All three Dunlop technical centres in Europe work jointly with this global network for car tyre, motorcycle and race tyre technology. The tyres developed through this process benefit from the synergies that result from the combined resources of global activity whilst recognizing and respecting the local market conditions and requirements. To Feel the Road you must know the road, just as Dunlop has for more than 120 years.

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The history of Dunlop is inextricably linked with the innovations introduced by the company. This history goes hand in hand with Dunlop’s commitment to motor-racing competition in all its forms, because the transfer of racing technology to everyday driving on the road is a genuine tradition that goes right back to the earliest days of the Dunlop tyre company. And over the course of more than 120 years, Dunlop has achieved exceptional results on the race track, including 34 victories in the famous Le Mans 24-Hour car endurance race.

At the present time, Dunlop continues to be involved right across the world in a whole range of sports on two and four wheels. For more than 120 years, the innovations pioneered by Dunlop and the company’s success in motorsport have enabled the brand to build up an unparalleled reputation among car and motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere