GP Racer D209

Ride it to the track
The technology developed by the Dunlop Motorsport Team on race tracks around the world has been put to good use in bringing you this competitive race and track day tyre. After a day of sure-footed fun and excitement on the track you can cool down, ride home and enjoy its class-leading performance on the road as well.
Our MultiTread (MT) compound technology enables the use of a softer rubber compound on the tyre edges giving optimum side grip at maximum lean angles. The tread pattern is similar to our championship-winning Sportmax GP tyre and delivers unparalleled dry grip, fast warm-up times and superb handling. Together with high-speed stability and accurate steering capabilities it makes the GP Racer D209 the tyre of choice for many discerning track day enthusiasts.
For the ride home on the public road we developed our D209 to perform in extreme conditions as well, so you can rely on it giving you the confidence to enjoy your ride, whatever the weather. 
The GP Racer Slick is essentially a GP Racer D209 without tread. It offers superior performance on the dry race track, but without the negative characteristics of full-on, slow-to-warm race competition slicks.
Key benefits
  • Hard wearing centre compound optimized for grip under hard acceleration and straight-line stability
  • Front tyre with two-cut breakers and two-ply carcass give a linear response to steering input
  • Minimum percentage groove area in the shoulder increases grip at maximum lean angles in the dry
  • Optimised JointLess Belt (JLB) rear tyre construction reduces high speed distortion, aiding high-speed stability and shock absorption

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