155/80R13 79T TL SP StreetResponse 2

Tire width: 155
Tire height: 80
Diameter of rim: 13
Load index: 79
Speed index: T
With/Without cameras: Without cameras
RunOnFlat technology: No
Season of tire:
Manufactured by: Dunlop
Fuel efficiency:
Wet grip:
External noise:
68 dB
Delivery: Unkwown

Dunlop StreetResponse 2

Enhanced wet and dry performance for city cars

Key benefits:

  • Shorter Braking in Wet  - 6% shorter braking in wet versus its predecessor*  - Rounded footprint helps to cut through the water layer providing enhanced traction on wet roads
  • Shorter Braking in Dry - 4% shorter braking in dry versus its predecessor* - Shorter Braking in Dry - Multiple lateral grooves help to shorten braking distances on wet and dry roads
  • Dependable handling
  • Twin circumferentials - Twin circumferential grooves help to enhance wet traction capabilities

Used technologies:

  • ASYMMETRIC TREAD DESIGN-Asymmetric tread design provides improved handling and aquaplaning resistance. The continuous center rib increases stability and precision. The asymmetric groove arrangement enhances grip on wet and dry surfaces. Benefits:   Improved performance on straight lines and around corners; increased resistance to aquaplaning. 
  • FLATTER TREAD PROFILE-The new generation of Dunlop tires features a flatter tread profile with a 4-8% bigger contact patch, depending on size and type of tire. A bigger contact patch delivers more stability and enhanced road feedback, allowing tires to respond quickly and precisely. Benefits: - Increased stability and steering precision; reduced heel and toe wear; excellent cornering stability and precision; superior dry grip. 
  • MULTI RADIUS TREAD (MRT) - MRT designs employ ten different radii and are therefore more precise. This results in highly effective pressure deployment on the road contact patch. The effect is smoother transitions from straight to corner, leading to more precise and progressive reactions. Benefits: - Significantly better control over the evolution of the footprint in all driving conditions; responsive wet and dry handling; increased cornering control. 
  • SPECIFIC BEAD SEAT SYSTEM - Strengthens the link between tire and rim for a more precise driving experience. Like the grip between your hand and the steering wheel, the Specific Bead Seat System enhances control and conveys outstanding road feedback. Benefits: - Enhanced road feedback; greater stability and precision. 
  • VARIABLE LAND TO SEA RATIO - Asymmetric tread design with a variable land to sea ratio delivers high levels of aquaplaning resistance. The massive outer shoulder block ensures rapid and turbulence-free water drainage, while also ensuring outstanding cornering stability.  Benefits: - High aquaplaning resistance; increased road contact; enhanced cornering stability and steering precision. 
  • MAXIMUM FLANGE SHIELD (MFS) - A rim flange protection system. MFS employs a profile of rubber that runs around the circumference of the tire above the wheel flange. This creates a protective buffer zone. Benefits: - Protects expensive alloy wheels from kerbing. 
  • JOINTLESS BELT (JLB) - A Hybrid Overlay Technology that reduces circumferential deformations at high speeds. Benefits: - Superior high speed stability; smooth and even wear.