Dunlop Sportsmax D207

The D207 uses a compound that does not need long periods of warming and therefore ensures an estate immediate tyre also completely cold.
The D207 also pays special attention to security that infuses the pilot and his satisfaction in terms of comfort and durability.
The SBR compound (Styrene Butadiene) uses carbon blacks grain thin, formulated in a special way to improve the grip and extend the life of the tyre. The compound rear tyre was further reinforced by the addition of silica to reduce wear and increase traction on the wet. Particularly improved control in wet roads, increasing the "feel" of the motorcycle and driver confidence in the tyres. the new Sportmax D207 provides new levels of performance and length of the segment of highway motorcycles sporting high cylinder capacity worldwide. Composite front wheel specially designed for maximum grip at low temperatures, and improve braking grip side. Composite rear tire based SBR polymer, which is specially designed for: * Controlling the effects of high temperatures produced under strong acceleration and high speeds maintained. *Reinforced of the compound, by adding newly developed carbon black long molecular chain, which increases the duration of the tyres, his grip and his temperature resistance.
The speed index for the new dunlop Sportmax D 207 E is W.

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