Falken FK452

Summer Performance

The FK452 is available in a wide array of diameters, from 16-inch to 24-inch. This tyre has an aggressive directional tread design with phase-shifted random pitch variation allowing for maximum noise reduction. Reinforced steel bead filler and a dual tread compound coupled with three-dimensional rounded tread blocks enable the FK452 to handle well even in large diameter applications. Perfect for sedans and coupes alike, the FK452 offers summer performance at a value.

Key Features:

  • Phase Shifted Random Pitch Variation -Nearly eliminates tread noise.
  • Five Linear Responsive Ribs & Three Dimensional Rounded Blocks - Enhance precise handling response.
  • Solid Center Rib - Significantly reduces wheel spin by reducing contact patch void ratio under heavy acceleration.
  • High Tension carcass & High Turn-Up - Increase handling response and high speed stability.
  • Four High Volume Circumferential Grooves - Deliver increased hydroplane resistance for improved wet weather performance.
  • Steel Belts - Offer greater tread rigidity, superior grip and high speed stability.
  • Joint-less Nylon Cap Ply - Increases durability at high speeds and promotes long lasting even wear. 

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