Grabber MT

The Grabber MT from General Tire is the tyre for tough off-road use.
Its open and aggressive tread facilitates optimal traction and guarantees outstanding self-cleaning, while the stone ejectors reliably remove stones from the tread.
The three-ply carcass construction ensures that the tyres really can transport you across any terrain. As such, the Grabber MT not only goes perfectly with the look of your offroad vehicle, but it is guaranteed not to let you down.
Aggressive open pattern design
 including stone ejector ribs
  • Open pattern design guarantees high level traction and self-cleaning capability
  • Stone ejector rib facilitate stone ejection
  • Off-road look is supported by agressive pattern design
  • Ensures best mobility and self-cleaning capabilities even in harsh off-road conditions
  • Design fit between off-road vehicle and tyre
Aggressive open shoulder design
  • Different block sizes in the shoulder assure interlocking with firm, loose and muddy undergrounds
  • Delivering exceptional high levels of traction in both mud and silt
  • Highest robustness of tyre casing
  • Protection against cuts and punctures
  • Ensures durability in off-road conditions

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