Grabber HTS

Superior on the tracks, powerful off the road..the tyre that meets every challenge:

The Grabber HTS guarantees great driving fun off-road and on firm surfaces. Innovative tread pattern design from General Tire ensures the perfect synthesis of comfort, performance and durability.

This Tyre has a powerful grip and reacts in an optimal way to all surface demands in the most varied weather conditions. The reduced rolling resistance minimises wear and fuel consumption.

Ready to roll on any type of ground

With its intelligent DURAGEN technology the Grabber HTS sets new standards. The tyre‘s innovative tread pattern design makes it extremely flexible, whatever the conditions. This is the right tyre for all those drivers who mainly use the road, but also want to be able to go off-road if necessary.

Features Benefits
DURAGEN TECHNOLOGY Designed according to the latest technological standards, the tread pattern ensures performance in extreme conditions and track holding on all asphalt surfaces.
Groove geometry with a flexible response Thanks to its stabilizing tread ribs before the shoulder section, the Grabber HTS sits firmly and safely on the road and offers outstanding steering precision.
Lateral drainage grooves Lateral grooves channel water efficiently out of the tread, enhance traction and reduces aquaplaning risk.
Optimized longitudinal grooves Longitudinal grooves reduce braking distances, improve acceleration and steering performance on slippery ground.
High-tech contour The tread area sits evenly on the ground, reducing fuel consumption and thus CO² emissions.

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