The NORD FROST VAN fulfills the highest of demands and sets new standards with its perfected technology.
Perfect ground contact and optimum traction are thus guaranteed even in icy conditions.
Even in adverse weather conditions the NORD*FROST VAN still offers good steering and brake performance for Vans.

Nord_Frost_Van-optimum_snow_tractionОптимално сцепление на сняг

Великолепна настройка на гумата за различни дълбочини на снега, чрез използването на патентованета технология ‘Salmon Stairs’ за постигане на оптимално сцепление на сняг

Nord_Frost_Van-Excellent_brake_performance_in_snowExcellent brake performance in snow

Sipes in the shoulder and central areas with optimum positioning of multiple biting edges for excellent brake performance in snow

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