Confident handling, all year around

Key benefits:

  • Year-round performance
  • Strong grip on winter roads
  • High aquaplaning resistance
  • Smooth and stable at high speeds
Dunlop sp 4all season All year round performance

Year-round performance

The SP 4All Seasons gives you the performance to deal with changing road conditions throughout the year. Its dual-silica tread compound performs well across a broad range of temperatures, from summer heat to winter freezes.


Strong grip on winter roads

Tackle winter roads with confidence. The tread pattern creates an interlocking effect that ensures good traction on snow, ice and slush. The SP 4All Seasons is certified with the snowflake symbol for winter use.

Dunlop-4All-Season - High-aquaplaning-resistance

High aquaplaning resistance

Navigate wet and thawing roads with a reduced risk of aquaplaning. A directional design with wide grooves allows for rapid evacuation of water from the tire contact patch.


Smooth and stable at high speeds

The tire keeps its shape at high speeds, giving you a smooth ride and a tire that wears evenly.

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