110/80R18 58W Sportmax ROADSMART

Ширина на гумата: 110
Височина на гумата: 80
Диаметър на джантата: 18
Товарен индекс: 58
Скоростен индекс: W
Камерна/Безкамерна: Безкамерна гума
RunOnFlat технология: Не
Сезонност на гумата:
Произведено от:Dunlop
Срок за доставка: Неизвестен

Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart

An all-round performer
Roadsmart is destinated to revolutionise the sports touring and sports sectors. The Multi-Tread Compound (MT) is available in the high performance Raodsmart touring tyre.
The criticall-acclaimed Roadsmart is an all-round performer, offering a wide variety of fitments from roadster/naked up to GT bikes and some supersport bikes.
Key benefits:
  • Unique tread pattern design has a higher sea/land groove distribution and deeper tread grooves in the central area to maximise performance in the wet
  • The Roadsmart tread uses two new compounds with different types of tailor-made silica in order to optimise the balance between wet grip and mileage
  • The combination of grip and new durable polymers offers longer tread life and maximum grip
  • Front Jointless Belt (JLB) construction reduces stress in the sidewall for better feedback and enhanced linear steering properties
  • Flex Steel Jointless Belt (FS-JLB) construction uses adapted JLB cord density between the front and rear, to provide improved schock absorption, riding comfort and high stability
  • Optimised variation of contact area at different lean angles gives smooth handling an high sport riding performances