Dunlop SP Sport 9000

High performance tyres
Constant development is the key to new products which continually set limits in all areas of tyre performance. Dramatically different to look at, with a tread pattern that fans outwards and utilising a totally new silica compound for the tread. Innovative construction and a completely new tread design herald a new generation of Dunlop tyres. New rubber polymer technology and a radical new approach to tread pattern design ensure reduced aquaplaning, better wet and dry handling, improved stability, shorter braking distances and reduced fuel consumption.

Key benefits

  • Directional, silica compound tread pattern.
  • Massive grip and precise handling control, wet or dry.
  • High resistance to aquaplaning.
  • Rock solid stability at high speeds
  • Stunning looks! 
  • JLB Jointless Band aramid casing construction.
  • Lower unsprung weight. Superb uniformity for smoothness.

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