120/90-10 57L D207 Runscoot

Ширина на гумата: 120
Височина на гумата: 90
Диаметър на джантата: 10
Товарен индекс: 57
Скоростен индекс: L
Камерна/Безкамерна: Безкамерна гума
RunOnFlat технология: Не
Сезонност на гумата:
Произведено от:Dunlop
Срок за доставка: Неизвестен

 D207 Runscoot

Motorcycle tyre technology for sports riding
The D207 Runscoot has been created for sporty commuters that ride mid-size machines, this tyre is suitable for any scooter between 100 and 250cc. The D207 incorporates a tread pattern design derived from our Sportmax D207 supersport tyre, giving it outstanding performance in all areas that count; predictability, stability and agility.
Key benefits
  • Directional grooves help to reduce wear rate allowing the use of softer compounds for superior grip in both wet and dry conditions
  • Increased tread depth gives extended tyre life and improved water clearance
  • Single radius profiles deliver improved handling with precise steering
  • Optimized tyre casing enhances comfort and improves high speed stability
  • Hi-tech materials with latest generation tread compounds improve grip in cold and wet conditions