Kleber Hydraxer

Driving safety - whatever the weather
Reducing the risk of aquaplaning
Longitudinal grooves evacuate water
Lateral channels direct water away from the tyre
Mini bridges avoid water building up where grooves cross over
Shorter braking distance in wet conditions*
Extensive siping in the tread pattern pierces the water surface
*compared to the Dynaxer DR which was above average in the market
More comfortable driving
The "Absorber" compound reduces vibration and minimises the transmission of noise to the car
Location of secondary grooves is optimised to reduce noise

Product Image Item Name Manufacturer W H D LI SI+ ROF Season Price
195/45R15 HYDRAXER

195/45R15 HYDRAXER

Delivery: 2 days
Kleber 195 45 15 78 V --- 104.00лв.

Summer tires 225/50R17 HYDRAXER

Summer tires 225/50R17 HYDRAXER

Delivery: 2 days
Kleber 225 50 17 94 W --- 220.00лв.