Maxo Balance in all conditions

Designed for modern mid-range SUV s, Maxò offers incredibly
balanced performance in all weather conditions.

The response to the increasing popularity of all-wheel drive cars combining the comfort of a sedan with the features of an off-road vehicle is Maxò, a tyre that brings together excellent performance at high speed
in the dry and in the wet with the ability to behave in complete safety on tricky off-road surfaces.
The extremely solid structure with high load coefficient ensures precise driving, while the symmetrical tread pattern is made using a special compound and siping that offers the best performance in all driving
conditions. Low noise and comfort even at high speed on bitumen, maximum grip in the wet and surprising ease on dirt, mud and snowcovered surfaces make the product truly universal, for all seasons.
Maxò is therefore the ideal companion, backed by overall balance that fears no rivals.

Product Image Item Name Manufacturer W H D LI SI+ ROF Season Price
235/70R16 Maxo

235/70R16 Maxo

Delivery: Unknown
Marangoni 235 70 16 106 H ---