175/70R13 MP 61 Adhessa Evo

Tire width: 175
Tire height: 70
Diameter of rim: 13
Load index: 82
Speed index: T
With/Without cameras: Without cameras
RunOnFlat technology: No
Season of tire:
Manufactured by: Matador
Delivery: Unkwown

Matador MP 61 Adhessa Evo 

1. ADHESSA - new all-season tyre

MATADOR has prepared for its customers a completely new product – the all-season tyre MP 61 ADHESSA suitable for all seasons. This tyre can guide the vehicle successfully all year around in each weather. Never mind if you are driving in hot summer, rain or snow ADHESSA will always bring you safely to your destination. The harmony of treat pattern configuration and the rich lamella pattern create conditions for safe and comfortable driving in mild climatic conditions. Another advantage of ADHESSA is its maintenance-free life-long operation which reduces the tyre-replacement costs.
2. Application of ADHESSA tyres
ADHESSA tyres are suitable for drivers who drive on various types of roads mainly in flat lands or big industrial areas where the climatic and driving conditions change quickly and unexpectedly. They can be also used in mild winter conditions. They are produced in a wide assortment of sizes ranging from 13“ to 17“ in the speed categories „T“ up to 190 km/h, „H“ up to 210 km/h and „V“ up to 240 km/h.
3. MP 61 ADHESSA is characteristic for:
directional tread pattern whose configuration and lamellas are adjusted to safe driving in summer on dry and wet road and in winter on ice and snow. The driving properties on snow are improved by special tread compound with high SILICA content.
a new compound which improves considerably the average lifetime of MP 61 ADHESSA in comparison with summer tyres.
advantageous economic operation – reduced costs caused by very good mileage and maintenance-free operation saving tyre-replacement and service costs.
4. Function of ADHESSA tread pattern
a. Configuration of shoulder blocks
- optimated shape for demanding conditions of round-the-year operation
- high rigidity during the output transmission at high friction forces characteristic
for dry roads
- sufficient flexibility during the output transmission at low friction forces characteristic for snowy and icy roads 
b. Configuration of inner strips
- It guarantees high adhesion on wet roads.
c. Circumferential grooves
- They give the tread pattern excellent steering ability and accuracy.
- Their configuration and volume guarantees optimal properties on wet surface.
d. Broad cross grooves
- They lead away water from the track effectively and reduce the danger of aquaplaning
- They enable gripping on snow and slush thus providing similar gripping as special winter tyres.
e. Dense lamellas
- Similarly as with winter tread pattern it increases the gripping and braking properties in winter conditions, especially on icy surface.
- A big amount of additional contact edges increases the adhesion on wet surface and gives a feeling of better safety and steering ability of the vehicle
- It contributes to quiet rolling of the tyre and reduced noise.
f. New generation of lamellas
- It locks the indented tread pattern blocks in all directions thus increasing their rigidity and effectiveness in marginal conditions of maximum engine output transfer on dry and wet road.
g. Guiding groove
- It increases stability and keeps the track also at high speeds.