Ширина на гумата: 235
Височина на гумата: 65
Диаметър на джантата: 17
Товарен индекс: 104
Скоростен индекс: V
Камерна/Безкамерна: Безкамерна гума
RunOnFlat технология: Не
Сезонност на гумата:
Произведено от:Michelin
Горивна ефективност:
Сцепление на мокро:
71 dB
Срок за доставка: Неизвестен

MICHELIN Latitude Tour HP

for on road SUVs is the tyre which gives you maximum comfort, and it lasts longer.1 Benefits Technology Sizes

Comfort and Mileage

Thanks to combination of Suppleness and rigidity

Rigid tread pattern, with a supple construction gives even pressure distribution in the contact patch and long mileage.

Safety in wet and dry

Thanks to Interlocking StabiliGrip sipes

StabiliGrip self-locking sipes give safety in the wet without compromising the performance in dry conditions.

Gives maximum comfort

MICHELIN Latitude Tour HP has improved 5% in acoustic comfort as well as in vibration comfort compared to MICHELIN Energy MXV4+.1

Lasts longer

The MICHELIN Latitude Tour HP lasts 20% longer than MICHELIN Energy MXV4+.1

With safety guaranteed

MICHELIN Latitude Tour HP is safer with 5% extra grip on wet surfaces compared to MICHELIN Energy MXV4+.1

1 Compared to MICHELIN Energy MXV4+, reference tyre of the BMW X5 as original equipment since its launch in 2000.