Nexen (Roadstone) SB-802

Compact saif shape - Improved grip power and low noise
Improved handling performance - display of excellent handling power by the drift shape tread pattern and broad grounding phenomenon
Reinforced drainage performance with 4 straight-line grooves - Improved braking performance on the roadq minimized hydroplaning and reinforced drainage with the application of 4 straight-line grooves
Driving directional grooves - Improved draining performance and high-speed driving power by reducingthe water pressure on the grounding with the adopted and optimized 4 grooves/3 grooves
Multifunctional tire that is equipped with economic feasibility and steering stability.
The advantage of excellent traction and braking power with the pattern that provides great economical for van and light trusck.
Superior steering stability and anti-friction performance
-Excellent steering stability and superior efficiency by the special tread compound combinations.
-Rib sipe design for the balance of driving performance on the wet road and excellent anti-friction performance=
Strong driving performance and braking power
-Improuved braking power with the special design of the shoulder part.
-Superior driving performance by the pattern design of 3 grooves and lug type.

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