Winter tires 275/55R17 SCORPION ICE&SNOW

Tire width: 275
Tire height: 55
Diameter of rim: 17
Load index: 109
Speed index: H
With/Without cameras: Without cameras
RunOnFlat technology: No
Season of tire:
Manufactured by: Pirelli
Fuel efficiency:
Wet grip:
External noise:
72 dB
Delivery: Unkwown
Pirelli Scorpion Ice&Snow 
      Asymmetric tyre specifically designed for fast, luxury, modern SUVs offering outstanding performance when driving on snow.
      Designed for winter use, this tyre stands out for the excellent handling and supreme driving comfort it provides. When driven on road it ensures excellent grip and low noise levels at low temperatures, even through water or on snow.
     Characterised by an elegant tread pattern with an asymmetric design, the wide longitudinal grooves and angled tread blocks ensure the most demanding driver remains in full control, even in the most difficult weather conditions.
      Safety, comfort and looks combine to make Scorpion Ice & Snow a tyre that will enhance a vehicle, making it ideal for even the most aggressive style conversions.
      Key Homologations:  Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen
      Winter tyres designed for fast, luxury modern SUV’s, boasting outstanding performance in winter road conditions.
      Also available in RUN FLAT version.
Specialised tread design Optimum traction and short braking distances on snow Excellent in all winter road conditions, with low noise levels
1 - Four broad longitudinal grooves Excellent water expulsion High resistance to aquaplaning
2 - Multi-edged tread blocks Increased grip on snow due to interlocking action Optimum traction on snow and in downhill driving
  Robust off-road carcass design High stability and strength Controlled response and handling