5.00R12 83/81P Radial DW04 8PR

Tire width: 5
Tire height:
Diameter of rim: 12
Load index: 83/81
Speed index: P
With/Without cameras: Without cameras
RunOnFlat technology: No
Season of tire:
Manufactured by: Hankook
Delivery: 2 days


Hankook Radial DW04
     Winter tires Hankook Winter Radial DW04 for vans. Considering the bus, sometimes just think about it some strange form of some tires. Of course, thinking about it all in a row, but many are not now and think.
     Any form or structure of the bus was created exclusively for the benefit. For example, this tire Winter Radial DW04, all swept her narrow design. This means that in winter the transport of small loads where the wheel will be able to overcome the greater resistance to snow-covered road than the reverse bus wide format. But this will be followed less grip!      Therefore, developers of the company had to strengthen itself Hankook tread. It if you look taller and lamelirovanny. This should reduce the wear and tear. By the way, riding in the winter on icy surfaces, and even if it is rough when cold and provides a large surface notches in the form of frozen water droplets, the effect of friction, "the eraser on a grater." In other words, the soft summer tire can wear on a surface in less than a few months! Also, this helps to throw a tread shovel snow inward under the bottom of a van by reducing rolling resistance.
      The entire surface is covered by the tread allegedly "squares", they help to confidently stand on level and slippery ice, as well as act as snowshoes.