Heidenau Tires           

Heidenau tires     We will try to tell a few words about the rich, more than 60-year history of the tire industry Heidenau.
      The company was founded in 1946 as the top manufactures molded rubber products. In 1952., Heidenau already started to manufacture automotive and industrial tires. In 1959., producers Heidenau concentrate on the production of tires for two-wheeled vehicle unit known under the brand Pneumant.
    This brand ended in 1993., in that same year was founded the company / as a successor / Haidenau Tyres GmbH & Co Ltd., Focusing mainly on the production of tires for two-wheeled vehicles, karting and special use tires which activity the company deals to this day.
     The company started production in 1993. at the beginning produces 35 size tires, and now offer a wide range of 550 tires for a variety of applications. They are interested in the latest developments in the manufacture of motors, producing tires and the latest of them, but do not forget the fans of retro machines.
      Ability of plants to respond and allow for more specific needs of its customers, can provide customized solutions and produce smaller batches