New tyres for motor cars and light-duty transportation are a product that, over the years, has not only acquired a significant dimension, it has also become a core element in the Group’s activities. The Car Tyres division deals with new tyre manufacturing and marketing.
    A wide and varied range of products, evolving progressively towards specialist and high-performance tyres, and a strong commitment to technological research are characteristic features of Marangoni Tyre’s activities.  
    Marangoni tyres encompass certain qualities in their construction and performance that have rapidly earned them an important position in many strategic markets, with a particularly significant result in the European setting, which is the most difficult and demanding in the world. The technological and qualitative maturity achieved is witnessed also by the lifelong guarantee that Marangoni currently offers on all of its tyres. 
    An essential element in its success and notoriety is the commercial network, composed mainly of independent distributors operating in partnerships with Marangoni Tyre Spa, continuously nurtured through new forms of co-operation: a formula that assures a prompt and flexible reaction to market needs, as well as a highly-efficient customer service.
    To guarantee our tyres for life means we have to be very confident in our products.
    Our company obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification for its quality system, but, more importantly for us, our tyres are signed off by the most critical team in the world,''Team Marangoni''.