Marangoni M-Power

     is the new precision tool developed by Marangoni’s labs to highlight the performance characteristics of supercars and sports cars.

     Imagine resting your ear on the ground, like American Indians used to do, or being able to stroke the grey surface of the bitumen with the palm of your hand, to follow every corner with your eyes and anticipate just what your car is telling you.
      This is the inspiration that led Marangoni engineers to develop M-Power, our most advanced ultra high performance tyre, a product with a sporting soul, the synthesis of performance and comfort, exclusivity and everyday pleasure. Thanks to its innovative asymmetrical tread with optimised block binding system, M-Power is a tyre with extremely progressive handling, designed for a sporting drive with maximum comfort, fast but at the same time precise and safe, able to guarantee maximum grip, exceptional road holding when cornering and minimum braking distance. The four longitudinal grooves also reduce the typical aquaplaning effect of closed sporting patterns.
     M-Power has been designed to highlight the power of high performance sports cars, and combines meticulous scientific research, Marangoni’s extensive racing experience and the latest production methods. M-Power is also available in the version for high performance SUVs. Conceived, designed, made in Italy, guaranteed by Marangoni.

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