Nexen (Roadstone) N6000

The radial N6000 is the Ultra High Performance summer
tire that was developed for the drivers of sport cars and
sporty coupes to provide traction on wet and dry roads.
The radial N6000, uses an ultra high performance tread
compound to enhance dry traction while its directional
tread pattern enhances wet traction.
Key benefits:
4 Wide Straight Grooves - Applying 4 channel grooves to upgrade drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance on wet roads
Rigid Shoulder Block Design - Enhanced cornering & handling stability.
Center Straight-line Rib - The continuous grounding on the road helps straight running stability at high speed,
excellent steering responses in unexpected
5 Random Pitch Variation - Optimized design to reduce pattern noise
Lateral Grooves - Superior hydroplaning resistance in high speed driving circumstances.

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