Nexen Winguard Snow G

Performance Studless Asymmetric Winter
Driving through a snowy passage will never be more comfortable than with NEXEN’s Winguard Snow G. Engineered for a quieter ride, the Snow G utilizes 5 random pitch variations and a minimized block edge. Three deep grooves function to prevent hydroplaning and improve wet traction.  

Key feature:

Nexen-Winguard-Snow-Large-number-multi-sipesLarge number multi sipes

Effective enhancement of grip and slush on ice




Nexen-Winguard-Snow-G-3-wide-grooves3 wide grooves

3 wide straight grooves have been applied to enhance wet traction and anti-hydroplaning performance



Nexen-Winguard-Snow-G-round-blocksRound blocks

Fluid lines were applied to differentiate from the standart Winter, and the block edge was minimized to improve noise and wear performance



Nexen-Winguard-Snow-Variable-pitch-designVariable pitch design

5 random pitch variations have been applied for achieving quieter pattern design to provide improved driving comfort

Performance rating:



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