Nokian WR C Van

All-Weather Performance for Vans

     Nokian Tyres has developed the new WR C Van to meet the diverse driving conditions that vans can encounter throughout the day. During a work day, drivers may experience the extremes of weather. From dry roads to wet roads to snow covered roads to slick ice; the Nokian WR C performs at a high level with the legendary safety that you would expect from Nokian Tyres.

The Nokian WR C Van for light fleets is suitable for use on vans and similar vehicles. Its driving properties are excellent even at high speeds and with heavy loads. The Nokian WR C Van is also pleasantly quiet.

Key benefits:

  • New asymmetric tread pattern with sharp-round concept
  • Stable handling on all surfaces
  • Runs safely in slush conditions
  • Excellent wet grip
  • Self-locking Sipe

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