225/70R15 112/110R Full Power PT825

Ширина на гумата: 225
Височина на гумата: 70
Диаметър на джантата: 15
Товарен индекс: 112/110
Скоростен индекс: R
Камерна/Безкамерна: Безкамерна гума
RunOnFlat технология: Не
Сезонност на гумата:
Произведено от:Petlas
Горивна ефективност:
Сцепление на мокро:
72 dB
Срок за доставка: Неизвестен

Tyres Full Power PT825

Summer tyres for light for commercial vehicles

Key benefits

  •  Z - shaped sipes on tread improve wet and dry handling/breaking.
  •  Circumferential tiny groove on shoulder block provides even wear.
  •  Computer simulated pitch frequency minimises road/pattern noise and improves comfort for quiter ride.
  •  Circumferential 3-wide grooves provide excellent water drainage and improve aquaplanning significantly.
  •  Improve lateral stability, this, in turn, results in high speed stability and uniformity for smoother ride.
  •  Jointless “0” degree spiral nylon cover and wide steel belts improve uniformity for smoother ride and durability and lower rate of tread wear.

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