Safe, comfortable and resistant to the extraordinary demands of Campers and Motorhomes.

Promotes relaxed driving in all road conditions. Reliable and with high mileage potential, it stands out for its reinforced structure and high load carrying capability.

Developed to reduce deformations caused by long periods of parking, it also provides even tread wear. Its special compound protects it for years, preserving its characteristics.

Pirelli; SUV Tires;Scorpion_Verde_All_Season-details 1 - Two continuous central ribs Increased pattern stiffness Cornering capabililty even with high loads Regular tread wear
2 - Rugged sidewalls Increased level of lateral protection Additional protection against impacts and kerb scuffing when parking
  1/3 - Reinforced tyre structure and specialised tread design Reduces stress during long periods of standing Long life tyre
4 - Different compound solutions between tread and tyre structure Prevents heat build-up Constant level of grip and braking safety under all road conditions in summer  
Wet Performance 4
Load Resistance 5
Comfort 4
Mileage 4

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