P Zero Corsa System Asymmetric 2

     The tyre with the racing soul, developed for road supesport cars destined for the track.
     The most recent and innovative product of the Pirelli Ultra High Performance range, developed as the original equipment tyre for uncompromising sports cars.
     The P Zero Corsa System combines a Directional tyre (front axle fitment) with an Asymmetric tyre (rear axle fitment).
     The Directional tyre improves handling and precision when cornering. The Asymmetric tyre features longitudinal grooves that reduce the risk of aquaplaning, whilst the wide outer shoulder with its narrow grooves enhances roadholding when cornering.
     Developed from Pirelli’s motorsport activities, P Zero Corsa is made with a "racing-type" compound. It combines exceptional steering precision, excellent braking and good performance in the wet. Ideal for road/track use
     Key Homologations:
Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche
     Developed in association with leading vehicle manufacturers in the high performance sector.
     For use on both road and track, P Zero™ Corsa System™ concept combines directional (front axle fitment) and asymmetric (rear axle fitment or all-round application) tread designs to enhance not only performance, but also styling.
1 - P Zero™ Corsa System™ Direzionale: directional design with longitudinal grooves Improved water expulsion and precise steering Safety in wet conditions with high cornering capability
2 - P Zero™ Corsa System™ Asimmetrico: asymmetric pattern design Wide and stable contact area with improved rigidity Extreme levels of handling in all situations
  Innovative "racing" tread compound Extreme levels of grip, even at high operating temperatures Maximises traction and braking levels
Specialised tyre structure Stable and rigid tyre at high speed Enhanced cornering stability

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