255/30R20 92Y P Zero XL(L) EU Label: E/A/2-73

Tire width: 255
Tire height: 30
Diameter of rim: 20
Load index: 92
Speed index: Y
With/Without cameras: Without cameras
RunOnFlat technology: No
Season of tire:
Manufactured by: Pirelli
Fuel efficiency:
Wet grip:
External noise:
73 dB
Delivery: Unkwown

Pirelli P ZERO

      Performance developed through evolution.
      A reference point for the Ultra High Performance segment, it is characterized by an asymmetric tread pattern. Ideal for all top of the range sports and high-powered cars, it can also be considered for powerful mid-range vehicles. 
      A milestone in the development of the Pirelli range, P Zero™ has been chosen as original equipment for the most performance orientated and powerful models on the market. Its asymmetric tread pattern improves braking performance and enhances handling and control. Excellent in wet conditions with improved safety in potential aquaplaning situations.
      Its new nano-composite compound ensures maximum grip and stability. The structural integrity of the tyre improves steering response, which is essential in sports driving, and also ensures uniform tread wear. 
      The special “S-shaped” grooves in the tread area deliver lower cabin noise levels, enhancing driver comfort.
      Sporting characteristics offer power and control when driving top of the range cars. Developed for all, top of the range, sports and high powered cars, P Zero™ tyres can also be considered for powerful mid-range vehicles.
1 - Three solid longitudinal ribs Increased pattern stiffness with optimized and constant contact area Improved braking and traction performance also at high speed
2 - Outer shoulder with large rigid blocks Higher lateral rigidity and steering response Enhanced handling performance for sports driving
3 - Three wide longitudinal grooves Fast water expulsion Improved safety and control in potential aquaplaning situations
  High technology asymmetric contour Optimized footprint at speed Even tread wear, reduced noise emissions and improved mileage

 Performance table

 Dry Performance 5
Wet Performance 5
Sport 3.5
Comfort 3.5
Mileage 4.5