Sava is one of the largest and most successful tire manufacturers in Central Europe providing a wide range of passenger car, SUV, light truck and truck tires. Sava roots have spread from the small land of Slovenia to embrace Europe as one and even beyond. 

Sava tires are manufactured in various factories in Europe. However, many tires are still manufactured in the Sava factory in Slovenia, which is a state-of-the art production facility, specialized in the production of high performance summer and winter passenger car tires.Sava – European Quality Tires

When buying Sava tires, you know that you are making a quality choice; a quality choice that is rooted in European heritage and driven by Goodyear technology. 

Sava quality comes at reasonable price with good tire performance. That gives you reassurance that you have made a cost-saving purchase with peace-of-mind. 

Sava tires are manufactured by highly trained and experienced personnel using the most advanced production equipment. All Sava tires undergo thorough quality control testing at the Slovenian production facility before being shipped to other parts of Europe. You can be sure that every tire you buy from Sava, conforms to strict quality standards which enable Sava to confidently offer the Sava Quality Warranty with all tires sold.

All Sava consumer tires are warranted against workmanship and material or design related conditions according to the Sava EMEA warranty conditions for tires. The warranty terms and conditions applicable in a specific country may be obtained from the tire dealers in the respective country upon request. 
Sava – Powered by Goodyear TechnologyThe Sava production facility in Kranj – Slovenia, is among the most advanced tire production plants in Europe. Not only does this facility produce predominantly high-performance and winter car tires for Sava, but for other Goodyear mid and premium brands also using state-of-the-art technology. 

     The annual output of Sava factory in Slovenia is around eight million tires. Annually, almost the same number of Sava tires is being sold worldwide. Sava employs more than 1.600 employees in Europe.Award Winning Operations1999 - ISO certificate for the environmental management system2001 - ISO certificate for automotive industry quality management2002 - OHSAS certificate for occupational health and safety2003 - BPMS certificate (combines standards regarding quality, environmental protection, and health and safety at work) - first in world2003 - Award for best work environment of large companies in Slovenia2003 - New ISO for environmental management systems2003 - New OHSAS for occupational health and safety2004 - Environmentally Friendly Company Award2009 - ISO for design, development and manufacturing quality managementKranj Distribution Centre

     Constructed in 2002 with 17,100m2 floor space, this facility additionally serves as the main distribution centre for south-eastern Europe, capable of accommodating up to one million passenger vehicle tires. The construction of the distribution centre has been seen as essential for the future development of the company in the market, to strengthen its competitive advantages and exploit market opportunities.”