Sportiva tyres

      Sportiva is a trademark of Continental Group. As one of the leaders in the Continental tires produced several world-known popular brands like Uniroyal, Semperit, Barum, General, Viking and Gislaved. They are housed in Continental division for the production of tires for passenger cars and light trucks and produce tires for compact, small spark, 4x4, vans and light trucks.

     Sportiva is a new brand of tires with many models under its roof. Tyres Sportiva are stable, healthy and safe for several types of vehicles from passenger cars to light trucks. The tires offer many benefits for less money because they come with fresh tread pattern, suitable for wet road conditions. Sportiva has different sets of tires - like snow tires and winter and high summer tires. With high resistance to aquaplaning and greater stability, a highly specialized Sportiva tires offer good traction. Sportiva tires are sporty tread design, reduced znosvane and extended-range, and are suitable for any car or van. Low rolling resistance and reduced road noise are achieved by using modern technology in the manufacture of tread on these tires. Tyres Sportiva offer higher speed and better contact with the road.