1935 A workshop for production of rubber products and all sorts of rubber footwear was founded and named Tigar
1959 The Tire Plant is finished and put in operation.
1966 Construction of the Rubber Technical Goods Plant is completed
1972 First Radial passenger tire RD-201.
1974 Agreement on Business Cooperation with BF Goodrich (USA).
1977 Tigar put into operation a new Innertube Plant at thenearby town Babusnica.
1978 Tigar expands its cooperation with the BF Goodrich Company(USA).
1981 Tigar establishes its firm Tigar-Americas in Jacksonville (USA).
1988 New Adhesive Plant is put into operation.
1990 Tigar establishes Tigar Europe Enterprise in London (G.Britain).
1991 Tigar is transformed into Joint Stock company.
1995 Tigar receives ISO 9001 certificate (from the autorized Yugoslav Standardization Agency).
1996 Renewed Business cooperation and license agreement.
1997 The Extended Joint Venture Agreement with Michelin North America.
2000  Renewed Business cooperation and license agreement.
2001 Tigar and Michelin Group Joint Venture Agreement with the aim of joint company incorporation.
2002 Joint company Incorporation Agreement among Tigar, Michelin and IFC.
2003 Tigar-Michelin-IFC Joint Company incorporation.
2003 Organization of Tigar on a corporate principle.