Tigar Summer SUV

Summer tire from Michelin, manufacturing Tiger Serbia. Designed for SUV vehicles. The tire is suitable for those drivers who appreciate the safe handling, good traction and low wear and comfort. Cheap rubber in the low price segment good alternative to expensive tires for SUV vehicles.

Key Feature:

  • Symmetrical tread pattern - with excellent grip, a sufficient amount of rubber in the contact patch, providing excellent traction on dry and wet surfaces.
  • Four circumferential grooves provide excellent water drainage and good protection against aquaplaning
  • Three longitudinal ribs tread that provide stability and controllability at high speeds.
  • Double-layer reinforced carcass of the tire, reinforced board of the tire provides good grip on the rim
  • Special heat-resistant tread compound, resistant to wear and guaranteeing mileage

Key benefits:

  • drive safely
  • Good traction
  • low wear
  • comfort
  • Excellent price quality that will not hurt your pocket

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