People rely on Uniroyal tires from 1982

Americans drive trusting tires Uniroyal ®, since 1892, although then the company has been named USA Rubber Company.

Uniroyal tires are chosen by so many different people for so many years for a variety of reasons and for so many different vehicles that they have gained immense trust and have become part of life for millions of Americans.

Uniroyal-tire-tiger-mascotUniroyal® Tire Tiger

Talisman of the tire brand Uniroyal -. this is the tiger, which is well known and beloved mascot of 1961 Over the years, the tiger of Uniroyal Tire has proven mascot that symbolizes tradition, stubbornness and pride, which ultimately are part of the brand Uniroyal ® Tire long time before the tiger appear for the first time as a talisman.

Modern tires Uniroyal
Today tires Uniroyal Tire brand continues to provide additional miles for you by producing high quality, durable tires for cars and trucks, these tires as today's drivers would like to purchase.




Uniroyal brand tires provide all the features and benefits that you consider to be important drivers in some high-quality, dependable tires. Just look at the latest innovations - Laredo ® Cross Country, a tire for SUV cars and pickups tire designed to provide daily adventures and Tiger Paw ® Touring, a series of tires for sedans and minivans, which provides extremely low wear, precision management at an affordable price.