Uniroyal Snow Max 2

Latest winter technology for people carriers.
State-of-the-art technology that delivers optimum traction on snow, even better protection against aquaplaning, shorter stopping distances on snow and improved handling.

Key feature:

Uniroyal-snowmax-2-Directional-tread-pattern-for-improved-handling.Directional tread pattern for improved handling.

Its V-shaped, tread pattern optimises the longitudinal build-up of forces and therefore improves handling.

Uniroyal-snowmax-2-Excellent-braking-on-snow-thanks-to-the-number-of-edges-providing-gripExcellent braking on snow thanks to the number of edges providing grip.

The large number of sipes results in a large number of ideally positioned edges that bite into and provide very good braking performance on snow.

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