Vredestein, a company to be proud of 

Apollo Vredestein B.V.: A special company with a unique combination of independence, market-orientation, creativity and flexibility. Vredestein's strategy is crystal clear: to produce tyres with an optimal price-quality ratio.

Quick decisions 

As a middle-sized, independent tyre manufacturer, the best way to implement this strategy has been to opt for a flat organisational structure. Decisions can be taken quickly and reliably, and enable an even faster development of original products.

A wide range 

Thanks to heavy investment over the recent years, the production equipment in the Enschede-based premises is state-of-the-art. It is perfectly geared to the complex task of producing an incredibly wide range of tyres on one site. Car tyres for summer, winter and the ever-more popular all season tyre. Tyres for vans, tyres for tractors and tyres for a whole host of agricultural and industrial applications. And, of course, our unique spare tyre concept.