Vredestein tyres Hi-Trac 2

Especially for the summer H segment, Vredestein introduces the Hi-Trac 2. The design is characterised by various V-shaped angled grooves, which in combination with the two sturdy circumferential grooves ensure fast water dispersal. The Hi-Trac 2 has been given an improved tyre construction and a new tread compound. Partly thanks to these, the tyre has an even shorter braking distance and lower fuel consumption. The tyre also gives maximum grip on wet and winding roads. The Hi-Trac 2 features a Vredestein concept which has previously been used successfully: the Off Centre Directional Profile. The rounded tips of the central tread blocks, combined with the Off Centre Directional Profile, make the Hi-Trac 2 a low noise tyre. It also fulfils the stringent European ("-SW") requirements (wet grip and noise).




Unique tread construction
- many V-shaped angled grooves
- two robust circumferential grooves
Maximum water dispersal with a high resistance to aquaplaning and excellent grip on wet roads
Optimised tread compound and improved construction Excellent braking performance and a low rolling resistance
Off Centre Directional Profile and rounded tips on the central tread blocks A low noise and hence comfortable tyre (fulfils -SW requirements)
Functional appearance The perfect combination of safety and design
Airtight inner liner Reduced air loss, longer lifespan, fuel savings

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