The Sportrac 5 is an extremely quiet and comfortable tyre, developed in collaboration with Giugiaro. The tyre excels in terms of stability and sporty driving ability, which translates into excellent handling on both wet and dry road surfaces. The even surface pressure with low air ratio, combined with asymmetric grooves, ensures optimum grip and a short braking distance. Subtle grooves in the middle section of the tread with an optimised tread depth also make the tyre even more energy efficient. In addition, the tyre has a perfectly even wear pattern. Along with a low noise level thanks to its smart wide tread patterns and longitudinal grooves, the Sportrac 5 is the ideal tyre in this sector.

Key Benefits:



Asymmetric tread and edge design by Giugiaro  Improved unique sporty appearance
Handling Tuned Sidewall principle Sporty driving style, alert steering response
Optimised wide tread pattern Low interior and exterior sound level
Even surface pressure and stable structure Short braking distance and excellenthandling on dry and wet road surfacesand high handling ratio
Four longitudinal grooves with asymmetric grooves on the shoulders of the tyre Effective resistance to aquaplaning and lower interior noise
Grooves in the tread Low rolling resistance

Product Image Item Name Manufacturer W H D LI SI+ ROF Season Price
205/50R17 89V SPORTRAC 5 EU Label: C/B/2-71

205/50R17 89V SPORTRAC 5 EU Label: C/B/2-71

Delivery: 2 days
Vredestein 205 50 17 89 V --- 178.00лв.

205/55R17 95V SPORTRAC 5

205/55R17 95V SPORTRAC 5

Delivery: 2 days
Vredestein 205 55 17 95 V --- 192.00лв.