225/45ZR18 95Y ULTRAC SESSANTA XL EU Label: F/C/1-67

Tire width: 225
Tire height: 45
Diameter of rim: 18
Load index: 95
Speed index: Y
With/Without cameras: Without cameras
RunOnFlat technology: No
Season of tire:
Manufactured by: Vredestein
Fuel efficiency:
Wet grip:
External noise:
67 dB
Delivery: Unkwown


The Ultrac Sessanta is one of Vredestein’s aces in the Ultra High Performance (UHP) segment. The Sessanta is based on the strong points of the Ultrac series and has been optimised even further to give very good steering and handling characteristics. Giugiaro Design has given the Ultrac Sessanta a revolutionary design, with a line pattern that clearly shows that performance comes first. The name Sessanta refers to sixty years of Vredestein’s existence in Enschede. In tribute to Vredestein’s unique collaborative partnership with Giugiaro Design, “sixty” is written in Italian: Sessanta.

Key Benefits:




Revolutionary design and sophisticated line pattern Outstanding grip, performance and unique appearance
Parametric design: per size the most optimal contour, tread and construction Excellent characteristics on wet and dry road surfaces
Handling Tuned Tread Compound (HTTC) Extremely high track power, allowing faster cornering. Controlled correction of the car is also possible in bends
HTS+ (Handling Tuned Sidewall) principle Direct steering response and optimal contact with the road surface
Two rayon carcass layers make the tyre stable and sturdy Maximum resistance to lateral forces
Controlled handling in critical situations
Size 245/40RF18Y: also available with VRFC technology RunFlat tyre: in case of pressure loss this tyre can still undertake driving speeds of up to 50 mph (80 km/h)